Putting the WHY into Strategy

I hear a wave of deep sighing. It's that time of year again - strategy writing time. But WHY do we need a strategy anyway? We are all guilty of getting 'bogged down' in the detail and strategy writing time is no different. What is our next campaign / target / goal? Which regular donors can we convert and make into major givers and which corporate sponsors can we approach to do more and how can we get more customers to our enterprise? But WHY? Why do we need more money anyway? Sometimes its easy to forget, especially as we are all under pressure to do more. Strategy time (i.e now) is a great moment to take a step back and go back to basics. WHY do you exist? What made your organisation or Social Enterprise start in the first place? We always recommend when writing a case for support, that it is good to consider what would be the fall out if you didn't exist? Strategy writing time is also a good time to do this. Inspired by Simon Sinek's question of WHY, at the next First Friday on 07 October we are going to be look at how to use the WHY in your strategy for 2017. How the WHY relates into a better donor journey with more success for you. This will be an interactive session where you will be invited to bring your plans and ideas along to discuss with your others. We will also be looking at case studies and what has worked, what didn't and why. The First Friday Fundraiser Session on the putting the WHY into strategy will be on 07 October at 10-13 (there will be a networking lunch afterwards). Places are filing up so please reserve yours by emailing helen.maynard-hill@groupifc.com

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