Going from Profit to Beyond Profit

Beyond Profit it a 6-week course giving people who want to move from working for a profit-making organisation to a not for profit, NGO or Social Enterprise practical guidelines on how to make the switch.


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What do YOU get from this 6-week course?

  • Expert knowledge from leaders in the social sector
  • The tools to transform your Profile to attract social sector recruiters
  • Fun interactive excercises to help you chose your way forward
  • Plenty of oportunities to share your experience and development with your peers
  • All materials provided on site

Course Speakers

Our guest speakers are from different ends of the sector spectrum; a successful businesswoman who wanted to make the world a better place and took the step from profit to not for profit, a fundraiser with 18 + years of experience in the social sector and an experienced life coach counselor who has helped many clients to make the switch.

Helen Maynard-Hill

IFC Netherlands

Helen is an experienced fundraising and marketing professional with over eighteen years’ experience working within the not for profit sector both in the UK and the Netherlands. Driven and self-motivated, she sets out to achieve the best in anything she undertakes.

Jane Stephensen


A professional coach and trainer with her own company Knowboundaries. She specialises in career transition and over the last 10 years has helped many clients create their perfect career. Before training as a coach, her background was in corporate international finance.

liz early

Safe Spaces

Liz Early, an American living in Europe, is an innovator and change agent who has worked in the financial and logistics industry for nearly 30 years.

Now Liz is the Chair for the Safe Spaces Foundation To find out more about the Foundation or to make a donation please click here

Annemiek Nusmeijer

The Sustainable Recruiter The Sustainable recruiter offers recruitment services solely to companies that are involved in sustainability, with the goal of making the world a better place. Annemiek’s goal is to create a positive impact on the new economy and increase awareness about how your employment affects the planet.

Schedule Of Events

18 Sept

Where do you start? – Where to look for a job in the Social Sector

Presented by Jane and Helen Looking for a job in a new sector is a mine field of not knowing where to look or who to contact. The Beyond Profit course will guide you on where to look and what to look for to match your personal requirements. We can even make the introductions to the right people for your first step into working in the Social Sector.

25 Sept

Make your CV and LinkedIn profile stand out for the right reasons

 Presented by Jane Moving into a new sector means that you can’t use any of the old jargon and lingo you are used to. We’ll talk you through how to adapt your CV and LinkedIn profile to make you stand out for the right reasons. Also so that recruiters understand what you can offer and what you are looking for in your new career. 

02 OCT

What are interviewers looking for if it’s not all about the money?

Lead by Jane Guest Speaker Annemiek Nusmeijer

Working for a social mission is very different motivationally than working for a profit and shareholders. So what are interviewers looking for if it’s not all about the money?

The Beyond Profit course along with guest speaker Annemiek Nusmaijer from The Sustainable Recruiter will teach you what recruiters and interviewers are looking for. We will give hands-on tips and tricks on how to successfully get through the interview and how to balance talking about passions and motivation whilst still being professional and ‘business like’.

09 Oct

Guide to paying your bills even if you are working in the social sector.

Presented by Helen and Jane with Guest Speaker Annemiek Nusmeijer Finances are always an issue and many people take a pay cut to work in the sector. However, people who work in the sector, do get paid for their work (mostly). Annemiek Nusmeijer from The Sustainable Recruiter shares her experience of going from a well paid corporate job to a startup and how having a different mindset is vital. We will also look at the donut economy and how it is transforming the way businesses are working.

16 OCT

Working in charities is all peace and love right?

Presented by Helen and Liz Early  Some people have a misnomer that working in the social sector is all about being passionate, cause driven and very socially sensitive giving everyone who works there similar outlooks and making everyone very personable. Whilst most people are indeed very nice, it is after all a work place and there are many different personalities that make up any organisation. During the course we’ll talk you through the common personalities of different social sector workers and how to get along with them.

23 OCT

How will I know if I like it?

Presented by Jane After all of this effort, how will you know if you like it? Don’t worry, we have options and opportunities for you to meet and get to grips with organisations before you make the leap. Volunteering and mentoring are great ways to understand if this is really for you.


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