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    What would have happened?

    Recently published on the very good website De Dikke Blauwe was a piece turning impact measurement on its head and asking what would have happened if charities hadn’t intervened and nothing had been done? PhD economist Frank Huber at the Erasmus University looked at...

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    Make an impact

    FUNDRAISING. I RECENTLY WAS ASKED, WHY DO YOU DO IT? GOOD QUESTION! I guess the ‘corporate’ answer would be to ultimately create social change and have an impact. But how do you measure the amount of impact your organisation or NGO’s make? And how do you go about...

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    From petition to pledge

    Petitions, whats the point? Who uses them these days and what good are they anyway? Actually, more than you might think! Care2.com a US based organisation has created an online platform to help organisations create petitions to reach potentially millions of people....

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    Hope is not a strategy

    With the new year we find ourselves looking forward. As Bob Dylan once said “times they are a changing” which is no truer than now and this exciting world of fundraising we work and live in. These days donors and not for profit organisations are connected and engage...

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    Social Media

    I want to start with talking about Social Media. We all know about it and use it all the time as here you are. It’s almost impossible to now imagine a life without it. But, do we use it to its maximum capacity? How many of us have the time to really get to know the...

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