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First Friday Fundraiser Session

The First Friday Fundraisers Sessions are an opportunity for sharing information and knowledge with colleagues and peers internationally within the fundraising industry. Each month looks at a different subject and topic concerning fundraising. The sessions are organised by the International Fundraising Consultancy and bring together the experience of different speakers from the fundraising world both locally and internationally. By working together the sessions assist personal development, encourage greater understanding of the industry globally and increase overall knowledge.

The First Friday Fundraisers Sessions are run internationally and have fundraising sessions in different countries all at the same time each month. Fundamentally, it is the international fundraising community being connected by doing the same thing at the same time, (more or less), throughout the world.

The next First Friday Fundraiser Session is

‘Tomorrow’s World of Social Value – Corporate Networking’.

At the next First Friday Fundraiser Session on 07 July we are delighted to be joined by Daisy Dixon from ANTZ Network in Manchester UK. ANTZ are a network of Businesses, Charity and not for profit organisations working together to deliver Social and Business impact in local communities.

ANTZ are coming to Amsterdam to meet you! They want to help you meet your corporate fundraising goals by developing the network in The Netherlands. The aim is to not only help Dutch business connect and fulfil their CSR programs, but also ultimately to help you and your organisation meet your goals.

Come along on 07 July to talk about tomorrow’s world of social value, corporate networking and see how ANTZ can help you get that well-needed foot in the door with big (and small) businesses.


- See Past Events -

Past events include:

  • Hope is NOT a Strategy!
  • Crowd Funding and Crowd Sourcing
  • Impact Measurement
  • How to Make your Presentation Stand Out!
  • Seeing the Bigger Picture and Acheiving your Strategic Goals
  • Kick-Starting Your Start Up
  • Corporate Fundraising
  • How to Raise 1.4 Million $’s Day!
  • Converting your ‘Like’s’ in to Cash
  • Volunteers
  • Corporate Fundraising – The Accenture Point of View…
  • Join the Crowd Funding Seminar
  • Developing Your Donors
  • Friendraising – what is it and what’s in it for you?
  • Face to Face Innovation to Motivate your Donors!
  • Crowd Sourcing; let’s get started!
  • Innovation
  • Legacies: understanding the old and wealthy generation
  • Events – How to plan and organise your successful event
  • Alumni Fundraising
  • Social Media – How to make the most of it.
  • Story Telling
  • Strategy Setting with a Hug!
  • Viral Campaigns
Event Speakers

Ozge Tigli

Creative Director – Bumbuku

Ozge Tigli is a highly skilled digital storytelling specialist with +9 years of experience in the field of social impact, digital media and visual storytelling. She is passionate about creating unique and remarkable digital stories for social good. Ozge has worked with universities and several international NGOs (Amnesty, STGM and CHI, to name a few) and holds a master’s degree in Media and Cultural Studies. She is the Creative Director of Bumbuku, an award winning, Amsterdam based Digital Storytelling collective, specialised in social impact organisations. They help social impact organisations reach a wider range of supporters with ingenious animation videos and efficient social media strategies. Their mission is to increase impact of change makers working for a better world




As well as major gifts experience, Hayley has worked for three start up NGOs. At the age of 26 she was Chief Executive of
Beauchamp Lodge Settlement a struggling charity in London. In three years she turned its fortunes around to become a thriving
organisation with a sustainable and diverse income and funding stream.

Hayley will be speaking at the next event on “Major Donor Fundraising For You?”. Click here for more details.

Eduard Burer

Founder – Recruit for Good

In his own words “I was raised by my parents with the idea to give back to society. I am a parent myself now and a few months ago our youngest son asked me: ‘Daddy, what did you become in life?’ I had to think for a few seconds and was proud to answer: ‘Someone who helps other people to find a job where they make the world a bit better.’

The world is changing faster than ever and the societal challenges are getting bigger every day. What if we could engage, mobilise and develop the best talents in the world to work for and contribute to organisations for the greater good? What if we can create a talent ecosystem that contributes to a better world with economical, ecological and societal impact? With these questions in mind I decided to follow my calling, combine Recruitment and Impact, and start Recruit for Good.”

Eduard will be one of the speakers at the ‘New Year New Career’ event on 15 February.

Vera Moll

Head of Engagement at Circle Economy

Vera has a background in business development in both highly commercial and not for profit organisations. She started her career in banking and legal environments before making the change to not-for profit organisations. As Head of Engagement at Circle Economy she is responsible for the engagement of different stakeholder groups with the topic of circular economy and the Circle Economy organisation, as well as the development of products and programs on several aspects of circular economy.

Vera is one of our speakers at the ‘New Year, New Career’ event on 15 February.

FFF sessions, always a very inspiring and informative pleasure !

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