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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you work?

    Each and everyone of our clients are different. We offer a range of services which are besposke to your needs.

    Usually we would meet with you to discuss what you are looking for. We then put together a proposal specific to you needs. Against those needs will be our costs.

    Who have you worked with?

    Oxfam Novib


    Amsterdam Mama’s

    Nkhoma Hospital Foundation

    Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation

    Capacity Africa

    Zending Over Grenzen

    IFC Group Client list


    Afghan Aid

    Amnesty International

    British Heart Foundation

    Cancer Research

    Child Hope International

    Christian Aid

    Fifteen Foundation

    Free Tibet Campaign

    MTV Europe

    PLAN International

    SightSavers International

    World Health Organisation








    How many people work at IFC

    Here in The Netherlands we have a team of experienced fundraising professionals. See our Associates page for their biogs

    Internationally we have Directors based in London, Ottowa, Manchester, Kiev, Milan, Geneva, Lima, Nairobi, Singapore, Madrid and New York. in turn each Director has a team of Associates in these countries. It is not unheard of for Directors and Assocites across continents to work collaborativly on projects for clients.

    The IFC is quite unique in that there is the international network of professional fundraisers sharing knowledge and supporting each other to keep best practice within the industry and do the very best for their clients.

    What are your Fees?

    We don’t work on commission.

    The reasoning is because we are professional fundraisers and do a good job for all of our clients.

    We go by the Institute of Fundraising code of fundraising practice: The Institute of Fundraising opposes commission payments in principle, particularly those payments made on a commission-only basis. Organisations MUST NOT use commission payments unless the following conditions are met

    • other sources of fundraising investment have been explored and exhausted
    • payments are subject to approval by the fundraising organisation’s trustees, or senior executives when power has been delegated;
    • safeguards are in place to ensure excessive remuneration is not permitted.

    What is the Code of Fundraising Practice?

    The Code of Fundraising Practice represents the standards expected of all Institute of Fundraising members, set by the fundraising community through the work of the Institute of Fundraising’s Standards Committee.

    Where is your Office?

    IFC Netherlands is based in Almere although a substancial amount of work is carried out in Amsterdam and also in Den Haag. We are happy to travel and meet in most parts of The Netherlands.

    The office is home based as this reduces overheads and in turn client fees,


    What is the next step?

    If you are interested to talk more to me about how we can help you, please click on the contact us button at the bottom of the page. I will get in touch and we can arrange a skype call, a phone call or a meeting if that is convenient to talk about your project, ideas and where you would like us to help.

    I will then take away what we discussed and put together a proposal which will re-cap our meeting, my interpretation and how I think we can help. It will also include timings and fees. It is important that this is included in the proposal so that it is clear from the very start what the expectations are from both sides. How much time I think needs to be allocated to the project and what the fees will be so you know how much you will need to budget. We can then take it from there.

    Everything from the beginning is open, transparent and clear.

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